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PHICOMM Co., Ltd. Was founded in 2009. Globally headquartered in Shanghai, China, is a multinational company with operations across Europe, U.S., Asia Pacific, and India.

The name 'PHICOMM' combines ancient greek letter 'Phi' with an English word 'COMMUNICATION'. 'Phi' (Φ) represents the 'Golden Section' which is proportioned, artistic and harmonious. PHICOMM means perfect communication.

Our mission is to provide end-users with the tools that empower them to lead a smarter, simpler life. PHICOMM's core essence of 'Perfect Communication' focuses on developing a wide range of smart home solutions in IoT devices, data communication, cloud computing and services.

PHICOMM’s three business groups – Smart Home, Smart Data and Smart Life – work as a strategic eco-system, providing smart solutions and applications for individuals, enterprises and industry users. With R&D bases in Shanghai, Beijing, Nanjing, Shenzhen and Munich, we are dedicated to manufacturing superior products and delivering unparalleled technical support.


PHICOMM for Home Users

PHICOMM was one of the first companies to embrace the concept of a whole smart home. With the fastest networking technology on the block, PHICOMM’s range of innovative, yet easy-to-use and secure smart home solutions are designed to accelerate movies, gaming, mobile, and home automation from smart scales, watches to robots and mobile devices. With advanced technology solutions that include wireless networking, NFC, IoT, and AI, PHICOMM brings you the ultimate in connectivity with the goal of enhancing your online experience while at home and away.

PHICOMM for Business and Government

Our Smart Data solutions for enterprises and government agencies offer big data services and solutions such as analytics and project management.

3 Milestones for Future PHICOMM

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  • 02


  • 03


The First Milestone 2017~2019 (Smart Home)

To expand existing business lines: networking products, smart hardware, cloud services and home automation products.

The Second Milestone 2020~2022 (Smart Community)

To realize service automation and shopping automation

The Third Milestone 2023~2025 (Smart Life)

To achieve a gross annual growth rate (GAGR) of 30%