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PHICOMM Beijing Data Center officially started business, further opening the gate of big data


August 18, 2017 (Beijing, China) – On August 18, PHICOMM Beijing Data Center held a grand opening ceremony. PHICOMM Founder and CEO Gu Guoping, PHICOMM Big Data President Wang Jiabin and Beijing Freecomm General Manager Xu Qi and PHICOMM Beijing Data Center Leader Sun Xuelong were present at the ceremony and jointly announced this large data center established and operated by a backbone team officially went into operation. More than 200 people from PHICOMM partners and famous industrial media witnessed this historic moment of the center, as a core node of PHICOMM in North China. PHICOMM Beijing Data Center, with a total building area of 10500 m2, may accommodate 2000 cabinets, possess the ability of global interconnection and can provide cloud computing service. It will provide strong data service and support for Chinese Internet industry, Mobile Internet industry and traditional industries. 


PHICOMM Beijing Data Center is located in Tianzhu Free Trade Zone, Shunyi District, Beijing, and operated, maintained and managed by a professional team leading in the industry. The team members all have more than five years’ experience in communication engineering and system integration projects. By relying on strong technical strength, the data center can provide total data solutions from website establishment to architecture office for customers according to needs, and significantly raise customer’s operating efficiency and resource utilization ratio. Beijing is a national political, economic and information center all the time. For PHICOMM, it provides congenital geographic advantage and resource support, and is conducive to a support base of the information and IT outsourcing service industry in North China. Besides, in the free trade zone, the data center may enjoy various preferential policies, raise capital efficiency, greatly save logistic cost, time cost and capital cost and grow and expand in a more efficient and favorable policy environment.   


PHICOMM Beijing Data Center is subordinate to Beijing Freecomm Communication Co., Ltd., a subsidiary jointly invested by Phicomm (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Phicomm Communication & Electrical Co., Ltd. It is a comprehensive intelligent park covering storage, logistics, import and export trade, R&D and construction of IT infrastructure, and investment and construction of cloud service centers.

On the opening date of Beijing Data Center, PHICOMM released its cloud computing data center strategy. At the press conference, PHICOMM Founder and CEO Gu Guoping, PHICOMM Big Data President Wang Jiabin, Vice President He Yonghao and Data Center Director Sun Xuelong made important speeches. When talking of the future layout and planning of cloud computing data center strategy, Gu Guoping revealed, PHICOMM has formulated a “3060” plan for infrastructure construction and deployment tallying with its future development in view of market demand and corporate resource condition: install 300,000 cabinets and deploy 600,000 servers in the world in next five years, and become a nationally leading third-party data center operator in three years. 


Currently, the business of PHICOMM is no longer limited to home intelligence but extended to three main lines: Smart Home, Smart Data and Smart Life, i.e.: a “golden triangle strategy“. The cloud computing data center strategy serves as a backup force to the implementation of PHICOMM “golden triangle strategy”. PHICOMM Smart Home block currently is in a leading position in the industry thanks to the support of cloud computing, which has established a solid resource, technical and service foundation for “golden triangle strategy”. Long before, PHICOMM has initiated the construction of data centers and the layout of a big data strategy in East China, South China and Southwest China. In the next five years, PHICOMM will spread its cloud computing data centers all over the country in an orderly and step-by-step manner, then set up cloud computing data centers worldwide and plan large-scale online cloud computing service clusters to provide cloud computing service and support for customers in the all parts of the world.

The opening of PHICOMM Beijing Data Center will further promote the development of PHICOMM in the data sector. In the future, PHICOMM will show extreme competiveness in the data business block. The setup of cloud computing data centers will lay a solid foundation for Smart Home, Smart Data, Smart Life “golden triangle strategy” of PHICOMM. The strong computing power of the data centers and the intelligent terminal products of PHICOMM complement each other, promote steady development of Smart Home, help provide safe and convenient smart home products with original design and high performance, create unlimited value for individuals, families, enterprises and governments and make smart life at your fingertips.