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PHICOMM won the title of “China Top 100 Electronic Information Enterprises” for consecutive 4 years


The 2017 Press Conference on China Top 100 Electronic Information Enterprises and Summit of Intelligent Terminal Industry was held in Anshun, Zuiyi. Qu Weizhi, the Executive Vice President of China Information Technology Industry Federation, Wang Xingnan, a member of the Standing Committee of Zuiyi Municipal Party Committee and Vice Mayor of Zuiyi Municipal People’s Government, and Vice President and Secretary-General of China Information Technology Industry Federation were present and made speeches. The representatives of related associations and the representatives of Top 100 Electronic Information Enterprises also attended this conference. At the conference, the high-profile list of “2017 (31st) China Top 100 Electronic Information Enterprises” was announced. Phicomm (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. again entered the ranks of China Top 100 Electronic Information Enterprises. So far, PHICOMM has won the title of “China Top 100 Electronic Information Enterprises” for four times in a row. 


Through more than 30 years’ development, China Top 100 Electronic Information Enterprises grow from small to large, from weak to strong. The whole industry is in a critical stage of accelerated transformation and upgrading. The holding of this conference no doubt will play a positive role in leading the development, expansion, transformation and upgrading of the electronic information industry. At this conference, the industry association summarized the current development condition of large enterprises in electronic information industry, delivered the overall deployment of the 2017 working conference of MIIT, and stressed the need for strengthening a liaison mechanism of key enterprises, focusing on the development of intelligent terminal industry, helping enterprises grow bigger and stronger and promoting industrial transformation and upgrading. The announced list of China Top 100 Electronic Information Enterprises truly and comprehensively reflects the overall strength of the enterprises in the list and shows the strong overall competitiveness of the electronic information industry. 


This conference was held in Zuiyi City, which is one of the key cities for the layout of PHICOMM in Southwest China. This February, PHICOMM signed an agreement for project cooperation with the government of Zuiyi City, Guizhou to take an active part in the big data strategy of Zuiyi, fan out from a point to an area and form a driving force to an integrated smart city and smart home. Meanwhile, PHICOMM also established a big data center and an R&D center and exerted efforts to establish important development platforms and bases in the southwestern region, serving national cloud business of PHICOMM and the building of smart home and smart city.

As a rising technology-oriented enterprise in the sector of smart home, PHICOMM has been included in China Top 100 Electronic Information Enterprises for four years in a row. Since establishment in 2009, PHICOMM has risen up in the communication industry at above 200% of annual average growth rate of sales revenue, and produced brilliant results in the business blocks of personal mobile terminal, home intelligence terminal, enterprise network, cloud computing and smart city. This March, PHICOMM announced strategic transformation of smart home and will focus on three business modules: Smart Home, Smart Data and Smart Life, start with smart home and gradually realize smart community and smart life. 


By centering on smart home strategy, PHICOMM will mainly rely on its own technical resources and network products to establish and connect the upstream and downstream industrial chain of smart home by means of self-R&D and industrial cooperation. Through a series of smart hardware products, PHICOMM considers user experience as a real foothold, establishes a strategic layout and framework of smart home and truly fosters a concept of smart life. At present, the smart hardware products of PHICOMM include mobile terminals, smart wearable products and smart health, and some advantaged products have reached a leading level in the industry from product configuration to intelligent experience. The high-performance popular routers K2, K2P and K3 are good at both appearance and strength and act as a core and hub of smart home owing to their outstanding performance. The new single products, such as: smart body fat scale, smart wrist strap and smart watch, provide healthy and scientific smart life experience for personal consumers. In the strategic layout of smart home, PHICOMM will continually add new intelligent home automation products to set people free from household trifles and truly realize smart life.

In order to provide a solid foundation for smart home strategy, PHICOMM will make unremitting efforts in the big data and service block. In the future, PHICOMM will combine smart home and smart big data, these two major strategic systems to put through the communication from terminal to cloud, complete industrial layout in the data sector, promote all-round intelligence of home and generate more value for the industry and society.