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Common Problem


[1] How to install the router?

a)  First plug in power cord to electric outlet and router power port.


b) Insert the WAN(RJ45) cable to WAN port


c) Router light indication:

Solid RED light: When we insert the power key then red light will glow.

Solid Yellow light: Router can communicate with PC, Not with internet.

Solid Blue light:  Router communicates with internet as well as PC.

Blinking Blue light: Break the communication between router and internet.

d) There are 3 LAN(RJ45) port, you can use it as LAN connection.

[2] How to login the router?

a) Once device show solid yellow light then enter the URL “p.to” or “” in your default browser.


b) Router page will require the admin password if we already setup it before else you have to setup it.

c) Create login password and confirm it. As shown in below image.


d) Enter the region and time zone as per your country. Refer the below image.


e) Enter the connection type as per your ISP provided you.


f) Enter the password and default SSID is “@PHICOMM_XX”. You can change it as per your requirement.


g) After successful setup the router login page then it will show below image then press on more setting.


[3] What does 300 Mbps Routers mean?

 300 Mbps is wireless link speed. It does not means that it is wireless speed. It is speed between router and your PC. Not internet speed.





[4] How can we check internet speed?

 First we connect the PC with Phicomm router and type URL : http://beta.speedtest.net/ in your PC and can check the internet speed.

[5] Why we are getting low internet speed while it is 300 Mbps?

  300 Mbps is speed between Phicomm router and computer. Internet speed is mainly decided by your ISP, please contact with your ISP.

[6] How to Login the router web page?

 First you connect the PC to router and enter the URL(p.to/) in URL place in any Browser and then enter.


[7] Why my link speed on the computer shows 54 Mbps when the router says it is 300 Mbps capable, for instance?

   Every client(PC) has different link speed support. It is depend upon your PC wireless driver means whether it support b/g/n class.

   To get IEEE 802.11n speed, both the wireless router and wireless client have to support 11n mode. If either the wireless router or the wireless client can support only 11a or 11g, the link rate would be a maximum of 54 Mbps.

[8] How many computers or devices can be connected wirelessly to a router at the same time?

 Device support 32 users and 3 can from LAN if we connect it directly from Phicomm wireless router, speed is depends upon number of connected users.

[9] Can I change the username "admin" of the router? And also how can we change SSID name and Password?

 We can change it after hard reset key which is placed beside of power socket.

 Procedure for SSID name and Password:

a) Type “p.to” or “” in your browser URL space.


b) Login the router web page by login password.


c) Go to wireless option then you can change the SSID and Password.


[10] How to reset the Router?

   There are reset key which is place near to power code. Hold it for 5 to 7 seconds then router will restart then you have to reconfigure the router page again.

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